What is Bookingo the car rental solution?

Bookingo is a complete CRM solution integrated with tracking solution platform designed for multi-location car rental operations. This web enable solution can be used at your office to run all your daily rental business operations and support unlimited vehicles.

How can I purchase a Bookingo the car rental solution?

You can select the package that suit your business needs in accordance with the number of vehicles you have on line by visiting our

Are there any monthly, annual or hidden fees when I purchase Bookingo the Car Rental Solution?

The purchase price of car rental software includes a one-time Set-up Fee plus an annual Subscription Fee, which includes hosting, support and any future upgrades. You can choose to pay the yearly subscription on an annual basis.

How I can make payment?

We only accept Online Payment Processing through our e-payment gateway on our web site. All credit card payments are processed automatically without need of human intervention and with better cost effectiveness in mind.

Is my credit card protected against fraud when I purchase online?

All our orders are processed by PAYFORT through national bank of ABU DHABI, which is the most secure credit card processing company in UAE. We do not receive nor store any credit card information when you place your order. We are only notified by PAYFORT when the transaction is authenticated. Additionally, all payments are done through SSL connections to encrypt credit card numbers and customer account information.

Do I get any grace period after my yearly license expired?

Yes, we will grant you a one month free grace period after the license expiration, during this period you should manage to renew your subscription to avail the continuity of Bookingo the car rental solution services.

Is support also included in the purchase price?

Support is included in the Subscription. You will receive free support when you purchase Bookingo the car rental solution. We offer support by chat, email and phone. Also with our 24/7 online support center.

How does the support desk work?

All users will be able to chat with a product specialist directly through our real-time helpdesk chat feature on the main web site and in Bookingo application.

Is Bookingo the car rental solution available in other languages?

Bookingo the car rental solution is available to try and purchase in multiple languages. The price is the same for all languages. our car rental solution currently supports English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Italian.

What happens with my data in my Free trial version when I purchase a package of Bookingo the car rental solution?

After you select the package that suit your business needs and purchase the solution we will send you an activation code that will remove the trial period limitation, allowing you to resume working with your pre-loaded data.

Can I run the Software on multiple computers while using the same database?

Yes, if you are accessing using the same user name and password.

How long does it take to get my activation code after I purchase the software?

All our orders are processed by PAYFORT After the transaction is authenticated you will receive the activation code, which normally takes less than 2 hours.

How can I get a customized rental agreement layout for my business integrated in your software?

We already customized few samples in our application and still We can make customized rental agreement layout that meets your country and business requirements. You can send us your sample agreement and we will provide you all the details.

Does Bookingo support an SMS gateway for notifying my clients?

Yes, our Bookingo the car rental solution is integrated with an SMS gateway that can generate SMS for both clients and admin, these notifications allow your clients and admin be up to date on changes happening to their car rental reservations. We also have a wide choice of semi-automatic messages where you just need to choose, which SMS or e-mail to send to a client — the email will be sent with personalized data taken from database.

Do I get charge when I send an SMS to my client?

Yes, you will be charge an amount of 0.14 fils for local subscribers. As for international subscriber’s charges is applicable as per country.

How do I recharge my SMS package?

SMS package can be recharge through our on-line application, payment are accepted using visa, master card, credit/debit card in AED currency. All Charges shown are exclusive of VAT (if applicable).

Is my data safe?

We take data security very extremely at Bookingo software trading, with up-to-date in best security practices. Our Bookingo the car rental solution is traced and endangered by 24-hour observation and we ensure that our application is always newest with the best security measurements and updates.

Who owns my data?

We do not own your data at all. You do! It is your data and it will be encrypted data for your safety and we uphold the uppermost truthfulness when it comes to clientele’s data. You will be able to export and backup all your data from Bookingo the car rental solution at any time.

How secure is to run the back office through the WEB?

Bookingo the car rental solution is a web application that has a high level of security, it may route directly on the WEB or through your local network via intranet, as an admin you may set IP restrictions for every user accordingly and grant access to different users depending on the user group, additionally there is a central log function that logs all activities, moreover any sensitive data is encrypted.

Is the back office of your Bookingo application accessible through the WEB?

Our entire Bookingo the car rental solution is a web application and modules are validated from your internet browser.

Where I can run Bookingo the car rental solution?

You may run the solution on our server.

Do you provide any training for your Bookingo the car rental solution?

Yes, we do. We provide 20 hours of training free of charge, the training session are made on our site, online or in client premises providing that client location is in United Arab Emirates.

Which components are included in Bookingo the car rental solution?

Our Bookingo application includes the following components and modules: a complete CRM solution, vehicle tracking, accounting module, sales force module, reservation and booking modules, multiple integrated web site, e-payment gateway and SMS gateway module, back office module, agent portal and mobile application interface.

What kind of car rental operations does your Bookingo software support?

Our Bookingo the car rental solution supports hourly booking, short and long term car rental or leasing, client pick up and drop off and limousine service.

Is your car rental solution suitable for a small or big size companies?

Our Bookingo the car rental solution may be used by car rental business of any size as it is fully customized with a complete customer relationship management solution.

Does your application support different access levels for users?

Yes, there is functions for authorizing users for each function in the Bookingo interface, the authorization can be granted to a user group and each user separately to get the access, so every user may have access to different function in the Bookingo application.

Does your Bookingo application support historical events in respect to user?

Yes, every object in our Bookingo application has its own history that allows you to view historical data about the action taken and by who, when and from which branch it was done, additionally there is a central log function.

Is vehicle tracking functionality available through an extra fee?

Yes, vehicle tracking charges would be applicable separately.

Could any vehicle tracking platform be integrated with Bookingo the car rental solution?

Yes, we can easily integrate any vehicle tracking application with our Bookingo the car rental solution.

Which map are used for your Bookingo application?

Our vehicle tracking modules uses HERE maps API.

Can I customize the websites I create in your Bookingo the car rental solution?

Yes, you may do any customization you want, add your images, company logos, create your own design etc...

Are you looking for reseller or franchisor in the region?

Yes, we are looking for talented people to be our partner and willing to grow with us, we truly believe that Our success depends on our partners’ success. Therefore, we are committed for a long-lasting partnership based on mutual interest and benefit for better return on investment.