Gain Competitive Advantage


Boost your commercial operation, increase efficiency and stay connected with your clients by deploying Bookingo Car Rental Solution, an ultra-modern comprehensive CRM solution customized to fit your business demands.


  • Covering all rental aspects
  • Comprehensive modules
  • Well-defined friendly interface
  • Increasing productivity and performance
  • Standard concepts for vehicle rental companies

Seamlessly integrated with:

  • Email Gateway
  • SMS Gateway
  • Weather Forecast
  • Emirates ID Reader
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Currency Converter
  • E-Payment Gateway
  • Mobile Printing Solution


  • Tracking Lead
  • Tracking Agent
  • Tracking Client
  • Tracking Quotations
  • Schedule Follow Up
  • Maintaining Client Data Base
  • Conducting Marketing Campaigns
  • Managing Day To Day Operations


  • Approaching Service
  • Approaching Insurance
  • Approaching Certificate
  • Approaching Registration
  • Overdue Confiscated Complex
  • Approaching Insurance Renewal
  • Approaching Registration Renewal
  • Approaching Device Yearly Subscribe
  • Overdue Clients
  • Overdue Agents
  • Overdue Vehicle
  • Overdue at Garage
  • Overdue for Service
  • Overdue Maintenance

BOOKINGO Car Rental Solution offers THE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT a sophisticated artificial intelligence and state of the art technology customized and tailored for small, medium and big-sized limousine operators, in addition to state of the art website templates for online booking, mobile apps, and seamless integrations with Geomama Tracking Solutions.

BOOKINGO brings outstanding ease of use, functionality and flexibility to your rental car business that allows you to track your business, track rentals, automate invoices, back-up systems, send mass email notifications. The system also supports unlimited users, has the easy to use one screen, multi-level security, rent to own functionality. It can serve multiple locations and is cost efficient. You can add and edit vehicles and customers in Bookingo, as well as configure the rates. You can checkout and check-in vehicles, and all your rental costs will be calculated on screen!

BOOKINGO is a locally branded and sister company of GEO AND LOGIC GIS SOLUTIONS LLC. The foundation and success of the Company has been based on long term and trusted relationships built over the past 10 years.

BOOKINGO has been incorporated under the federal law no. (8) Of 1984 in respect of the commercial companies as amended. Address: Emirates of Dubai, Business Bay, Empire Heights Tower, Block B, Office No. (904).

A company duly licensed by the department of Economic Department in the Emirate of Dubai under the commercial license No. 765653

Our Mission is to provide businesses with pioneer solutions that enhance the bottom line, improving transparency, efficiency, quality and safety of business while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We are always guaranteeing to be your solution provider and consultant as your trust is our top priority.

OUR VISION & GOAL is always to contemplate on where we are going and not to be satisfied on where we have been. We will always be attentive to all the technologies available, and persistently endeavor to develop new added values to our customers through innovations. Our devotion to ingenuity, reliability and high business principals is to build trust and respect at the market place. The efficient communication and customer service is the keystone of our success.

OUR TEAM The valuation staff comprises a multi-lingual team of professionals and developers with diversified skills delivering extensive and in-depth specialized service, way beyond client expectations, dedicated to providing our customers the best products at the most competitive price point. We are constantly at work to improve our products and sustains, dedicating ourselves to creating innovative software developments and mobile applications customized to different industries and market needs.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to become a market force based on the four principles of Quality, Capability, added value and Best Price. We practice ISO standard, Project Management, Project execution, quality assurance methodology that ensures the best quality delivered at the reasonable and competitive price.