Faisal Ahmad Al Saeed (President)

Faisal is the owner and president of Geo and logic GIS solutions LLC and Bookingo Software trading and is involved with the strategic direction of the organizations.

Faisal has worked with several large semi government enterprises such as TECOM and du Telecom and has strong passion for sciences and technology and in the way, they bring value and efficiency to users.

Faisal holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences from Colorado state University, a Master's degree in project management from Regis University, a Master's degree Environmental Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Manchester.

He can be contacted on his email address

Roy J Nasrallah (Regional General Manager)

Since his graduation in 1988 holding a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from CIT Lebanon, and a Master’s in Business Administration , Roy has been involved in all areas related to business operations, in his professional career, he has spent over 30 years in Planning managing and organizing powerful delivery record in change management and a capability to drive innovation and achieve success.

Due to his vast and rich experience having a pragmatic strategist thinking and prior to arriving in Dubai in 2006 to start up with Geo & Logic GIS Solutions LLC Roy had pursued his profession in Kuwait, Iraq & Saudi Arabia as highly qualified very experienced multifunctional and proving his mettle in quality, operations control, strategic planning, remarkable Leadership in Enterprise and a strong advocate using smart technologies to drive operational proficiencies.

Roy is one of the founders of Geo and Logic GIS Solutions and Bookingo software trading, has served as a General Manager since the inception of both companies. His success in concluding business deals for implementing nucleus products and solutions has growing the company from a lean startup to a global leader in GPS tracking and fleet management solutions, vehicle rental management and mobile applications.

He can be contacted on his email address

Amber Nasrallah (Vice General Manager/HRM)

Since her graduation in 2003 holding a degree in Bachelor of Art and a Master degree in International Business and the International Certified HR Manager program from California Business Academy and Oxford Training Center.

Amber is skillfully competent with more than 16 years’ experience. Talented in all areas relating to shipping, import export sales of products and an infinite experience in Business Operation, Human Resource Management, IT solutions and Sales Management Operation.

Amber has a professional knowledge of principles and best practices in human resource program procedures and methods and knowledge of the related business context, developed through a combination of practical experience and formal training, and the ability to creatively apply both to generate responsive solutions to specific situations

Since her inauguration in Geo and Logic GIS Solutions LLC in 2010, her Awareness, contribution of implementing the best practice and tactics in an efficient way to capture and analyze information and data, using various tools, systems and programs to meet changing work needs; proposes using alternative methods as appropriate has abetted the company in attaining its goal and has dramatically increased the overall sales performance and customer satisfaction.

She can be contacted on her email address